DPRK says it’s pursuing sustainable development, but experts remain skeptical


[2021-07-14 NKNEWS]

North Korea’s U.N. representative Kim Song argued, however, that external factors have impeded the country’s progress toward meeting its SDGs.

“Continued sanctions and blockade against my country, recurrent natural disaster and a world health crisis are main obstacles [to] the DPRK,” Kim said at the session on Tuesday.

Kim refused to answer some critical questions raised by a civil organization on the country’s plan to address the ongoing border closure’s impact on its people and child labor exploitation in the country, among many other issues.

“It’s that never-ending debate of: Why are there sanctions in the first place?” said Hanna Song, a researcher at the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB) and who participated in the Q&A session representing multiple nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).(중략)

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